Meet The Pugs

George Pooh (9/2/2005)--occupation: Security Guard/girlfriend: Marlene May/favorite song: You are My Sunshine/Sunshine of My Life
I am a "big" boy...but don't let that fool you. I get around the yard with fierce speed and can chase any tree rat up the tree and make them shake in the branches with fear. I am Pooh Bee Bear...or George...and I am the "Security Mans."

Mindy Slimmer George Pooh
Gracie Lynn (9/12/2005-10/17/2013)--occupation: Little Mama/ boyfriend: Bailey from Idaho Pug Ranch/favorite song: Brown-Eyed Girl
I am the petite princess. I like to lick my siblings clean and love when mama CJ give me my rubbins'. I am the Sugar Plum Princess as I am the grand-dame of the house and cute as a button. Got any poo? I might give it a try...although you will hear my mamas yelling at me for tryin' it. Can I help that I like others to taste my food first? :)

Mindy Slimmer Gracie Lynn
Toby Moses (5/19/2006). --occupation: Little Mans/ girlfriend: Tweedles/ favorite song: "Toby, Toby Moses, Pug of the PRA-AR-RIE!"
I am the "Little Mans" or Boss mans. I keep my mamas in line and let them know if I am unhappy with their being gone or going down to the basement too long by nudging them on the back of their legs and giving them the business with my "woo's." I can't help it that I love my mommies so much.

Mindy Slimmer Toby Moses
Lily Jayne (1/22/2009)--occupation: Keeping the others Toeing the Line/ boyfriend: Lincoln/ favorite song: "Lily, Lily, give me your answer do..." (Remix of Bicycle Built for Two)
I am the "big" little sister that makes my other sibling, especially my younger sister Mimi, toeing the line. I don't like it when others get to do things before I I let them know about it quickly with a nip. I love to sleep with my mama Mindy and I will not use the bed stairs, so I am insistent on being picked up and put in bed.

Mindy Slimmer Lily
Mimi Roo (12/9/2009)--occupation: Car Driver/ boyfriend: Webster from "A Day in the Life of Pugs" favorite song: " I love you, Mimi Roo..." (Remix of Peggy Sue)
I am the youngest and the last of my siblings. I am the only one with the most special "cocoa" fur. Lily definently keeps me in line, but I make sure to have special mama time. My favorite thing to do is "drive" to Dairy Queen and order the pug-sized icy-cemes that is believe it or not "free" with purchase with mamas icy-cemes.

Mindy Slimmer Mimi and Mommy

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