August 4, 2016

Toby in a Box & Autopsy Results

Our Little Man doing his "Boss Mans" face/punim

Dearest Furiends,
We are overwhelmed with hearts of joy by all of the responses to Toby's passing. He is in his heavenly home with his sisters, Gracie and Megan, both who acted more like mamas to him, and many friends that have already crossed over. His earthly tent is now ashes in a box in our living room.

The same day he passed autopsy results were revealed. He did not die of a collapsed trachea (although it was scarred) or of a heart condition. A brain aneurysm ended Toby's life, and it was quick. His dying process was less than five minutes.

The saving grace in our situation is that we have three other babies demanding our love and attention. Life doesn't stop when we lose someone we love. I think we are still in the shock-phase of grief. The first Christmas will be tough, just like the first day without him. That first morning, my dad gave my mother a fourth dog bowl as mom was filling the other three with kibble. He said, "Don't you need to fill up this bowl." Mom said, "Why would I?" Dad remembers that we are down to only three pugs and says, "Oh." Yes, it will take time to heal, but it helps to know we are surrounded in love and not alone in our grief.

God Bless you all,
Mama Mindy

August 1, 2016

Jesus Gained the Best Little Man Around Today: Toby Moses Slimmer--We Will Always Love You!

Toby Moses "Little Man" Slimmer

Hi furiends!

Mama Mindy here.  Lots has happened since we were last on. Toby Moses has been on a steady decline since his Old Dog Vestibular Disease diagnosis back in February after his eardrum burst.  I rather not focus on his decline and just give you the details we know of his final minutes with us on earth.

My mom and I went on morning errands--PetsMart, Michaels, and a home d├ęcor store. Not the usual errands, but a "let's have a little fun" errands.  We got home around 12:30pm with KFC.  Our babies were all there to greet us home, including Toby.  Within 5 minutes of getting home, I was in the process of returning a missed call when my dad raised his voice to tell me that Toby collapsed to his side. Toby was struggling to breathe and I noticed him trying to get back up.  Just when he tried to get back up, he collapsed again and this time I saw his eyes tracking.  He was having a seizure.

Mom grabbed little man off of the kitchen floor and ran with him to the pugmobile, Ruby Red.  I called the vet clinic to tell them we were on our way, and they told me that there were no doctors around and it would be 20 minutes or more before one would be back from lunch.  I screamed at the phone that we didn't have 20 minutes, we were on our way and if we could get him any assistance in breathing we would take it.

As we tried to get off our street onto the main road, Toby took his final breath in the arms of his loving mama, my mom, Mama CJ.  It was a heart chilling moment.  For the next hour and a half mom cradled Toby in her arms, we cried, and we prayed.  The vet is going to perform an autopsy on Toby's body per our request.  Toby will have a private cremation.  We will let you know what we find out at autopsy.  We think that his heart gave out.  We are not 100% sure and it is for closure that we are asking for an autopsy to be performed.

I will try to share better news in a few days, but we need to grieve.

Rest in peace our Sweet, Cutie Patootie, Pug of the Prairie, Stinker Bean, Little Mans, Tobers, Toby Moses.

Bubba and Sissy--Gracie Lynn (forefront) and Toby Moses are together again in heaven!

God Bless,
Mama Mindy

June 25, 2016

Insta-Auction for Winnie's Wish--Please visit often!!

Hi friends!
Today is our mama's 30th birthday and she wanted to tell you about an auction.  That's just the way she is about things. 

Before she tells you about the Insta-Auction, we would like to do a pup-date on ourselves.

George:  All of us have canine influenza. How do you ask?  Mama and her mama and daddy had new floors and carpet installed.  We had to go stay at a boarding facility during that time.  What the boarding facility did not know was that some other pups were sick?  So...thanks for sharing pups!! (NOT!!).

Toby:  I am having the worse cough of all the sibs from that...incident.  I have a bit of a pulmonary issue and being sick stinks!!  On top of that, about 4-6 months ago, I started acting like I was having seizures.  Turns out, one of my ear drum's burst and I developed old man (dog) vestibular disease.  My head is always cocked to the left  or is it the right? Anywho?  I am plugging along and bossing my mamas everyday.  The bonus of having old man vestibular disease is that the mamas carry me up and down the stairs and up and down on the couch. Yippee!!

Lily:  I had a dental not too long ago.  All is well...except for the sickies!!

Mimi:  I had a "feminine" issue and it was bacterial and yeast.  Now the mama's have the indecency to clean me "down there"...but it sure beats the itchies!!

Hi everyone!  Mama Mindy here.  My great friend Chrystal with the heart of gold over at daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)--check out my sidebar and read her posts...they are absolutely inspiring--always is needing cat food, cat litter, and money for vaccinations.  To help her out, another great friend, Andrea, over at Celestial Kitties--also on my sidebar--had the genius idea of having a continuous auction called an Insta-Auction.  What is an insta-auction?  In Andrea's own words:

"There is no set end date for the whole auction BUT there will be end dates for individual items.
How do we decide when the end dates are? Well, that's up to YOU!

There is no time on anything until a bid comes in. If you bid on an item on a Wednesday, then that auction will end exactly seven days later, but only for that item. So if another item gets a bid on Saturday, does it end on Wednesday? Nope, it ends on the following Saturday!

Bids will only be taken on items for seven days following the first bid, then highest bidder gets it! Some items may not get an end time for a long time, and that's fine. The idea is to leave the auction open so when you're ready or see something you like, you can bid on your time! (Unless someone else bids on it first, then you have a week!) :)

Making sense? I hope so! But if not, please feel free to ask in comments, or email me (anniclan AT aol DOT com), or send a message on facebook (Andrea)."

Please go check out the Insta-Auction by clicking the badge here...and I will also have it on my sidebar.  If you have anything to donate, please contact Andrea by using the e-mail listed above.

Thanks friends for listening to my request and for listening to the pugs pup-date.  They miss you all bunches.

Much Love,
Mama Mindy

Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

May 17, 2016

Lily Belle's Auction hosted by Dachsies with Moxie

Hi friends!
Long time, no post. Mama has been busy subbing. Also, we had new carpet installed and will soon have new hardwood and laminate installed. Our house is having these renovations done after 35+ years of the same old shaggy, brown, ucky-mucky carpet...and in the bathrooms no less...horrors of horrors.

Anywho...we break our blogging breaks when something of importance goes on in  Blogville and Lily Belle's Auction is definently important and needs our and our friends support. Lily Belle is a wonderful Dachsie girl, who just beat Cancers butt and needs our help to kick the dogtor bill's butt. Please go check out the auction at Dachsies with Moxie. Scroll down the posts to see all 29 items.

Here is one item we donated that still doesn't have a bid and it's a steal of a deal with free U.S. shipping to boot at $50.00.

Wen by Chaz Dean 4-piece Cleanse Treat & Protect Essentials Collection-Fig
--32 fl oz. Cleansing Conditioner
--4 fl oz. Fig Sweet Orange Oil
--6 oz. Styling Creme
--12 fl oz. Replenishing Treatment Mist

We hope you will go visit the auction, and if you cannot buy, please spread the word. The auction ends May 21st.

Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

November 11, 2015

Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction/Fundraiser

Hi friends!
The Slimmer Pugs and Purrs have donated a few items to a special auction taking place right now through November 21st.  It supports the private rescue work of a friend of ours, Miss Chrystal, and the kitties waiting for forever homes.  Three of our family members---Luna, Percy, & Golden--are graduated of this rescue. 

If you have some holiday shopping to do or just some personal shopping, please stop by this auction and help support the kitties.

Much Love,
Mama Mindy

Pug Hugs,
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

Many Purrs,
Jack, Luna, Percy, & Golden

August 6, 2015

Toby is good!

Hi friends!
Just wanted to let you know that Toby went through surgery just fine. How fine?  I think eating two bowls (him and his sister's) of dinner this evening counts as a successful surgery.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

August 5, 2015

Toby has surgery on 8/6/15 in the morning!!

Hi all!
Long time, no type.  That is what happens when a person is searching fervently for a job in teaching in the state of Kansas...but that will be a different story at a later time.  Right now, my entire focus is on Toby Moses.  Toby will be having three different surgeries/procedures tomorrow:  the removal of a tear duct blockage, dental, and cauterization of the quicks of his nail beds.  I have researched the last of the procedures and was a bit concerned; however, I talked with my most trusted vet technician at my vet office and she said exactly what would happen during the procedure, how long the procedure would take, and the recovery/pain level Toby would be in.  I was assured he would experience little to no discomfort, this was NOT like a declaw in a cat, and that he would experience only an additional 10 minutes under anesthesia. 
Pray for Toby that all goes well.  Mama CJ would be devastated as this is her "little man" although I would be devastated, too (he is my little man, too).
God Bless y'all,
Mama Mindy & Pug Sibs George, Lily, and Mimi