February 1, 2015

Winnie's Wish Auction Update

Hi friends!
Whew! January has sure flown by fast. :)  I am busy with student teaching; however, I wanted to help my friend Miss Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) raise money to help her build the third cat room needed so that cats that are more timid have a place to relax and not be stressed by the cats with more dominance.  The cat room is already 50%+ funded from generous donations, but it needs to make it to 100% for the new room addition to be a reality. BTW--Chrystal is just asking for the money for the parts that will be needed to build the new cat room...her husband and her father will be providing the labor...so this is the bare-bones minimum cost of building a new cat room.

Any who...as of last record, I mentioned the auction would take place February 5th...it has now been. pushed back until February 16th as there is another auction going on via Facebook and it was decided that two auctions should not be going at the same time. Fair enough. :) 

This means that you have plenty of time to donate items to an auction and get ready to bid on February 16th.

I realize we are raising money for a cat house, but that does not mean that only cat items are wanted for this auction.  Dog items, cat items, household items, jewelry, etc....all of these items are wanted in an auction because not all people like the same things.  If that were true, we would only  need vanilla ice cream in the ice cream freezer and at all ice cream establishments.

Please send pictures of your auction items to Marg at margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com.  Marg needs an item description, picture of the item, starting bid, and who is paying for the postage...the winning bidder or you, the person donating the pawsome item to the auction.

The gofundme for the cat room is at the half way point! Please feel free to use it while you're waiting for the auction! Every dollar helps!"

I am a Winnie's Wish adopter of three purrs...Luna, Percy, and Golden.  I have been to this rescue in person.  This woman does nothing short of a miracle on a budget meant for fishes. :)  Chrystal's money for her rescue comes from donations and mostly her own pocket, which is from the kennel business she runs to keep her rescue alive and running.

Love to all. Please donate.  Every donation helps. Please spread the word about the upcoming auction and about the need for donations.

The auction will be held at:  http://www.auctionsforpetz.blogspot.com on Monday, February 16th.

Much Love to you all and God Bless,
Mindy :)


Marg said...

Thanks somuch for making that announcement. The auction will run for about ten days and I can put items on during the auction. Everyone have a great Sunday.

LBJ said...

We found you today through Madi the cat. Mom is contacting her via email regarding donating some autographed books (The Book of Barkley - which My Mom wrote is a best seller and so popular it sold out at Amazon, but she has copies she can donate and then mail to the folks that bid).

Abby the Lab