June 30, 2014

June Chewy Treat Review--NutriSource Pure Vita Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Treats

Hi all our blogging furiends!

Itsa been "ruffs" getting oursa mamas to blog lately as she isa trying to gets prepared for hersa student teaching year and isa working weirds hours at her Wally World jobs.  Anywhos...

Mama had Mr. Andrew from Chewy.com send us some treats this month...that were....((GASP)) HEALTHY!!

At first, only three out of four of us'uns were interested in the treats.  I, Mimers, am a bit picky...and I had the other "taste testers" prove to me that the treats were lip-smackin' goods. 

In the end, wesa all liked the Sweet Potato Treats.

Information about the treats:
According to the packaging, The treats are a "Natural Wholesome Sweet Potato Freeze Dried into a Healthy Nutritious Reward your Dog will Love."  Mama likes that theysa made in the U.S.A.  The bag was 3 oz...which doesn't sound like much'ums...but wesa have beens eating on thems most of the month and there is wells over half a bag left for oursa dietary pleasure.

So...whatsa does all this means?  Yousa need to get yousa some healthy, yummy treats from Mr. Chewy...and please consider'ums the NutriSource Pure Vita treats, especiallys.

Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

June 23, 2014

Betty Found--All is Well in the World

Hi friends!
Around 7pm, my sister called and Betty has been found. Yay!  She's with my sister and all is well.
Thanks for all the POTP and prayers.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

Lost Female Chiweenie...Last seen in Groesbeck, TX...Name of Black Betty (This is my sister's baby...my niece)

Hi friends!
My sister's precious Black Betty (answers to "Betty") is missing.  She is a rescued dog around eight years old and is a Chiweenie.  She was lost in the town of Groesbeck, TX...my sister and her boyfriend were visiting his father in Groebeck, TX (they live in Austin) and she got loose from where she was being kept.

My sister Kaycee with her girl, Betty.

Please share with rescue groups and friends in the Texas area.  If you find Betty, please e-mail me at pugsandpurrsATgmailDOTcom.

Much Love,

June 12, 2014

One Year Pugiversary! Mimi & Webster-Fur-EVER!!

Oh mysa furiends!
Isa must gush overs the latest, most sweetest giftie from mysa beau, mysa hunky mans, mysa Websters!

Recently, wesa celebrated are one year pug anniversary...hence, pugiversary...and looks what hesa sent me'ums.

A bee-u-tea-full necklace...

for a bee-u-tea-full Mimi Roo!

Thank yousa my Webster mans! Isa loves it'ums...and itsa purple...mysa favorite color!!

Your girl,
Mimi Roo
(One Big Smooch headed your way)

June 5, 2014

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month--Reposted with Permission from Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats with your Coffee)


- See more at: http://dogsandcats.typepad.com/blog/2014/06/june-is-adopt-a-cat-month.html#sthash.fj3YdTwi.dpuf

Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

May 30, 2014

Special Delivery--Mr. Chewy May Review--HALO Liv-a-Littles

Hi furiends!
Mr. Chewy sent us out our May product to review, and boy are we happy with it.

Halo Liv-A-Littles 100% Pure Beef Protein Treats

Here is some information from the company itself on the treats:

"Nourishment is more than food on a plate, It's a commitment you make to your animal companion, a commitment born of love and enacted day after day. A commitment visible in the food you serve, in the products you use to groom, in each stroke and every hug."
"LIV-A-LITTLES® Beef Protein Treats let you reward your pet with the taste and benefits of a high-protein snack. They can be given whole or easily crumbled and added to food as a tasty incentive at mealtime."
Freeze-dried beef

Let our pictures with the product tell you how we felt about the treats:


Lily:  Another Treat.....PLEASE!!

George:  Why are you not handing out treats mama?  Lily did say "PLEASE!!"

Toby Moses:  Mama...open these treats, NOW. Don't make me go all BOSS MANS on you!!
Yes, the puggies enjoyed the treats.  The treats are for cats and dogs...but the cats have very sensitive digestives and although Luna meows her head off asking for one, I am a little apprehensive for I really don't know how her stomach will handle it and I would hate for her to reject the treat and include her breakfast in the mix.

Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

May 21, 2014

Auctions for Petz in Need--The Baby from Katnip Lounge

Hi furiends!
Again, wesa donated to an auction that has some fabulous items.  Please hop on over there and see what you could bid on for a good cause.  The auction runs from May 20th-May 30th.  Help Baby Cat raise some funds for some vet bills.

Wesa hopefully will have a Mr. Chewy review in a day or two...Preview of Post: YUM!

Much Love,
Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums & PurrSibs

May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Toby Moses! Wesa All Loves You!!

Hi all our wonderful friends!
Today is our bubba Tobers' 8th birthday. Hip-Hip-Hooray!  Wesa will be eating chicken nuggies from Mickey D's and having Purina puppy-cups of icy-creams.

In case you forgot our bubba's cutie-patootie punnums from our bloggy breaks, this is bubba Toby, who we are celebrating today. :)

Much Luvums,
Big brother George and Little Sissies, Lily and Mimi

Much Love,
Mama CJ (your 51% favorite) and Mama Mindy (your 49% favorite)