January 22, 2015

My baby, Miss Lily Jayne's, 6th birthday!!

I am so blessed to have had this girl in my life.  Lily Jayne was born 6 short years ago and has been keeping me on my toes. She is my doll baby and I love her to pieces.
Happy birthday Lily Jayne! Mama loves you lots!!

Much Luvums,
Mama Mindy

January 17, 2015

Important Business

Hi all!
The pugs are doing well and so are the purrs. I am sorry to say that regular blogging will not be possible; however, I will do my best to keep you posted of birthdays and the good, bad, and the ugly of being owned by pugs and purrs and the pugs and purrs being owners of "fur-less" adults.

My friend, and hopefully yours by now, Miss Chrystal, a private animal (primarily cats) rescuer, is in need of a new cat room/house. I would like to know if anyone is willing to hold an auction for her and/or donate items to the auction. I am asking for this help since I have no spare time as a full-time student teacher this semester, but I want to help my rescue friend and the kitties that need this cat house until their forever home can be found. Right now, she is about 1/2 way to the $5,000 cost. Her husband and her father build the cat room/house, so all the money goes to building supplies.

Please help me spread the word and let's try to make this auction idea a reality.

God Bless and Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

January 6, 2015

George Pooh Update--At Home and Resting!!

Hi friends!
Just as in Slimmer Pug fashion, George provided a poop sample on the front carpet of the veterinarian's office where people wipe the grit and snow off their shoes/boots.  Yes! We all got a good chuckle out of that one. :) 

George went in at 9:30 A.M. and came home around 1:30 P.M.  The growth on his foot turned out to be a dark skin tag (sort of looked like a plumped up tick to us mamas)  and it did not bleed or require any stitches.  He just has a bald left paw right now.  The eye growth turned out to be a cyst and required one dissolvable suture that will be taken off in two weeks if it doesn't dissolve on its own. Basically, we just need to watch that he doesn't lick to death his left paw and that the suture doesn't rub his eyeball.   His teeth required one tooth removal and otherwise was uneventful...as well all like these procedures to be.

He came out of anesthesia beautifully and will be soon taking a nap as soon as I stop typing.

Much Love and Thanks for thinking of and praying for George,
Mama Mindy :)

January 5, 2015

Update on life at the Slimmer Pug Ranch

Hi friends and furiends!
Mama Mindy and the Puggums and Luna here to share with you the ins and outs of our 2014 and the start of our 2015.

Mama update: I passed all of my teaching classes including my 1st of two internships with an A. I still have my 4.0 and hope to keep it.  Not sure if I want to graduate with cap and gown in May 2015. I know I WILL GRADUATE, but not really into all the pomp and circumstance as I have three degrees and I doubt the 4th will be highly attended and I think it is more for my attendees at this point.  I went to my Community College graduation, my 1st Bachelor's degree graduation, and my Master's of Arts in Gerontology degree graduation.  I think 3 is enough for anybody in a lifetime.  Now...I might reconsider if I get a Master's in Education or a doctorate.  But...another Bachelor's...meh.

In January, I am going to an "Apple Vanguard Training" at Emporia State University (my current college) and will partake in 3-days of 8am-5pm training with a 1-hour lunch on how to use the iPad most efficiently and effectively.  This will allow me to have leverage when it comes to me getting a job as opposed to candidates without the certification in the computer training.  Technology is apparently staying in the schools. I agree all children need it, but the part that really needs to be taught to children is how to be safe on the internet.  Otherwise, I am learning all this stuff so I can be up with the kids on the technology and be able to teach other professionals in the field how to keep up with the technology that is ever changing.

Sometime in late January, I start my 2nd internship or the "official" student teaching semester.  Last semester was also considered "student teaching" but it was more the "unofficial" official kick off of the year of student teaching.  I have met my new mentor and I think she is fabulous.  I look forward to working with the third graders and not looking so much forward to the Teacher's Work Sample (TWS), but there is always a necessary document that you must create in order to prove you have brains and what it takes to teach.  The TWS is equivalent to the thesis I had to prepare for my Master's degree; however, about 10 or so pages less.

Puggums update:
I, George Pooh, will be having surgery tomorrow on removing a growth from my left eyelid (opposite the eye that had the ulcer and that I had surgery on last year at this time), a growth on my left foot, and a dental cleaning. Pray for me as I go under anesthesia and hope to be home with my mamas later that afternoon. 

I, Toby Moses, can only see shadows at this point.  My eyesight is failing me, but the rest of me is working just fine, especially the pee-shooter.  I have high anxiety when my mamas leave me to go somewhere, even if it is only to the basement to fold clothes.  I am not allowed down there due to my pee-shooter and marking behavior as well as the fact I like to eat kitty poo.  I will close with that...

I, Lily Jayne, am still as jelly as ever when it comes to any of my siblings getting attention, but I promise to work on that this year and realize that love is multiplied and not divided.  Argh...sometimes a girl just wants to be an only pug.  Secondly, I have decided that Jaxzyn, who I hope is an official Gawthorp family member by now, is the pug's snort (cat's meow equivalent) in my opinion and I hope he is not already taken up and might consider me...the supreme Princess Pug...as his girlyfuriend.

I, Mimi Roo, must deal with jealous-beans outrageous lack of sharing skills.  Webster my luvs, she steals the treats you sent for me right from under my nose.  Hmph!  Well...I love having time with my mamas without the "beast" known as Lily Jayne "The Train" since she likes to plow into people and make all kinds of ruckus...and by people, I mean both those with and without "paws."  Jaxzyn, if you take a liking to Lily, she has what we all like to call, "Power Paws" that tend to leave dents in the pawrents.  You might want to wear some padding.

Luna and kitty update:  Diet.  Do we hate that word?  All kitty paws have been raised.  Yet...the chubby puggums do not get put on a diet and the humans continue to share table scraps.  Well...I have had enough and I just jump on the table and the push-over, Mama Mindy, shares her viddles with me.  I don't eat a whole lot, but it sure is nice to know that someone in the house doesn't think I am a chub-ette.  Now, Jack on the other hand needs to stop stealing my food in mamas room.  He eats in the basement and meows his head off to get the mamas or the dad to let him up from his cat-cave and he has the audacity to chow on my kibble.  The nerve!  Percy is still a cute man cat and Golden is a streak of lightning in the house.  Mamas hope that she will calm her buns down and allow them to be able to pet her regularly.  Only time will tell!

As we all venture for a nap out on our hill, we wish all our friends and furiends a very Happy and Healthy 2015.  No pictures are being used as mamas computer is done for and she just ordered a new one that will take a few weeks to get in.

Mama Mindy & The Pugs and Purrs

December 28, 2014

Must Share from Mona, Weenie, & The Mommy Blog (and Prissy, too!!)

December 28, 2014

$5000 Matching Grant

Nelson and Rosalind Modrall, cofounders of our Senior Sanctuary, have generously offered $5000 in matching funds for our DREAM Seniors.

Every dollar donated to DREAM this month will be matched by a donation to our Senior Sanctuary. What a great gift for our seniors!

Please help us reach our $5000 goal by making
your tax-deductible donation today.

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December 17, 2014

Why No Christmas Cards Slimmer Pugs & Purrs???

Hi friends!
Mama Mindy at the computer to explain our change of plans this Christmas season. My pugs and purrs are spoiled everyday. Most of you pawrents in Blogville have similar spoiled rotten babies.  My pugs do not like to dress up...except for wearing their Auntie Melissy Sweaters or their coats...but Heavens No! they do not like dressing up AND taking pictures.  I have taken their feelings into consideration and since I have not been around much due to my first teaching internship soon to be followed by another teaching internship this Winter/Spring 2015, I decided to give them a break.  Yes, I wanted to get cards out to all of their furiends, especially the girl and boy friends.  I will have them send pawsonal e-mails to their belove-eds...however, the money and time saved from this venture will go toward writing this post and helping others without their forever family. 

Those of you who have followed our blog for any amount of time probably know of our great friendship and love to Ms. Chrystal of Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with Your Coffee).  She has a lot of kitties looking for their forever home, and it is my mission to use the money that was saved from making and sending cards to send the Winnie's Wishers a Merry Christmas gift.

If you do not know of Daily Dose, then you must click HERE and visit her lovely blog.

If you would also like to donate an item to the kitties looking for a forever home, click HERE for a link to the Winnie's Wish Amazon Wishlist.  If you have Amazon Prime (which I just adore), it will get the gifts to Chrystal in Illinois quick.

If you would like to give the best gift of all and provide a kitty with a home, won't you consider Sugar Cookie? Sienna? Nisha?  There are so many wonderful cats looking for pawsome homes. Anybody reading this blog is surely a candidate.

 Are you a baby-spoiler?  That is the exact person these kitties need. :)

BTW:  I have visited Chrystal at her rescue. It is an actual place that exists. I have seen my bricks in the Winnie's Wish Walkway in the skin or fur as the fur-kids would call it. What she does is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Literally, she runs a kennel, not for her financial gain, but to pay most of the costs of her rescue work.  All money donated to the rescue goes directly to the animals.  I have met her and she is a jeans and t-shirt type of gal.  I would trust this woman with my pugs and purrs. She is simply fabulous! In fact, I am a Winnie's Wish Adopter.  Look at my header and three of those kitties are Winnie's Wishers...those would be Luna, Percy, and Golden. They are doll babies that I adore and would not have in my life if it wasn't for Chrystal.

So...instead of cards...know that we wish y'all a "Merry Christmas" and "A Healthy and Happy New Year!!"  Try to spread some love with rescues you love or try Winnie's Wish.  Whenever I have extra money, I think of Winnie's Wish.  Won't you consider Winnie's Wish this Christmas or into the New Year?!?

There is not much more I can say to get you to visit this wonderful rescue, but I hope you will at least Facebook share the stories if you do nothing more.  These kitties need wonderful homes. Please help spread the word.

God Bless and Much Love,
Mama Mindy :)

December 9, 2014

Happy 5th birthday Mimi Roo's!

Hi Blogville furiends!
Today is a special day that we MUST celebrate. Today is Mimi Roo's 5th birthday. We just love our little girl to bits, bits, bits, bits because she likes to licks, licks, licks, licks. BOL!

Help us wish our (and Webster's) Mimi Roo a Hap-Hap-Happy 5th Birthday!
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Mamas (Mama Mindy & CJ) and The Slimmer Puggums
George, Toby, & Lily & the putty-tat Luna