January 28, 2015

Auction Items Needed to help Winnie's Wish Cathouse (private animal rescue) build one more room!!

Hi friends!
I don't have much time lately to post about the pugs and purrs, but they are alive and puggy-ing and purring along.

I just wanted to let you  know this:
(Thanks to Andrea of Celestial Kitties for posting this on her website and allowing me to post it on my blog page)...because I would have typed the exact same thing!!)
"There is going to be an auction for Winnie's Wish so they can build a new room to alleviate some kitty stress in the cat house! The new room will separate timid kitties from aggressive ones and allow each kitty a little more room. This will also allow more kitties to be rescued!

The auction will start February 5th but if you have items to donate, please start sending the information to Marg! (margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com ) She needs a picture, a brief description and a starting bid. Don't forget to add who's paying for the postage, you or the winning bidder!

The gofundme for the cat room is at the half way point! Please feel free to use it while you're waiting for the auction! Every dollar helps!"

I am a Winnie's Wish adopter of three purrs...Luna, Percy, and Golden.  I have been to this rescue in person.  This woman does nothing short of a miracle on a budget meant for fishes. :)  Chrystal's money for her rescue comes from donations and mostly her own pocket, which is from the kennel business she runs to keep her rescue alive and running.

Love to all. Please donate.  Every donation helps.

Much Love to you all and God Bless,
Mindy :)


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We don't have kitty stuffs to put into the auction.... butt when it comes time to Bid on stuffs... we will do what we can to help out...

Chef Sasha said...

I love auctions, I will check it out for sure.

Loveys Sasha