February 17, 2013

Circus Wrap-up Post

Hi all our furiends!!
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We had a fantastic time at the circus!

Did you see us at the house of mirrors? ASTA did a fantastic job. FYI: Wesa will post our photos on Monday from the House of Mirrors.

Did you dunk Puddles? We did 5 times. :)

Did you kiss Mayzie and Pip? The boys kissed Mayzie and the girls kissed Pipster.

Did you see Toby in the contortionist event? He did a fantastic job...he got himself in his sister's smaller food crate. FYI: Wesa will post his photo on Tuesday!!

Did you play any of Roo's games? They looked fun...but mama said she only had enough funds for us to see the shows. Hopefully, next year we will get a bigger allowance. :)

Did you get Mystic Molly to read your fortune? George had a squirrel entrail reading. Gracie had a tarot card reading. Toby had a tea leaves reading. Lily had a crystal ball reading. Mimi had a card reading. :) We quite enjoyed our readings...and we hope you had your readings done, too. FYI: Wesa will post our readings on Wednesday (almost everyone else will be wordless on Wednesday, so we think you can handle our long post that day!!). :)

Did you all eat some of Chef Sasha's yummy foodables? Our favorite was the cornrat on a stick!!

Did you get to hear the wonderful circus music provided by Sweet William? We heard it many times as we went from tent to tent.

Did you catch all of Shelldon & Beachnuts fureak shows? Some of them were super scary...wesa still have chills about the beeagle!!

Did you ride on any of the rides provided by Sallie Marie? Wesa rode on the elephants and the Dumbo ride.

Did you see the clown shows hosted by Tuiren? Wesa still laughing our curly buns off.

Did you catch the inside stuffy taming by Frankie & Ernie? Wesa thought the Bear was fantastic!!

Did you catch the outside stuffy taming by Benny & Lily? Wesa still amazed by the high divers and loved the stuffies shot out of a canon. Wow!

Wesa so thankful to all of the hosts of this big event. If you still haven't been over to donate your dollars to help our furiends and visit the big top, you still have until February 22nd.

Since we are all out of monies, wesa will stay home today and take a big NAP!! Blogville Rocks!!

Much Luvums,

The Slimmer Puggums


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

The Circus was FANGtastic fur SURE. We think it was the most FUN we have EVER had.
We are SOOOOOO glad that YOU ALL enjoyed it Too!!

Marg said...

The circus was just the best. We sure did enjoy it and I think we took part in everything. We also want to thank all those that worked so hard to organize and keep the circus going. It was just terrific. Well done.

GOOSE said...

The circus was wonderful. It was my first and I can't wait to go to another one.

chicamom85 said...

The Circus was so much fun. I am so tired and having wonderful dreams.

Loveys Sasha

K9 Katastrophie said...

We had a lot of fun! Molly told our fortunes!


Mollie said...

We had a funtastic time, I kizzed Mayzie twice, I didn't see Pip, I will go get a kizz today xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie