January 5, 2015

Update on life at the Slimmer Pug Ranch

Hi friends and furiends!
Mama Mindy and the Puggums and Luna here to share with you the ins and outs of our 2014 and the start of our 2015.

Mama update: I passed all of my teaching classes including my 1st of two internships with an A. I still have my 4.0 and hope to keep it.  Not sure if I want to graduate with cap and gown in May 2015. I know I WILL GRADUATE, but not really into all the pomp and circumstance as I have three degrees and I doubt the 4th will be highly attended and I think it is more for my attendees at this point.  I went to my Community College graduation, my 1st Bachelor's degree graduation, and my Master's of Arts in Gerontology degree graduation.  I think 3 is enough for anybody in a lifetime.  Now...I might reconsider if I get a Master's in Education or a doctorate.  But...another Bachelor's...meh.

In January, I am going to an "Apple Vanguard Training" at Emporia State University (my current college) and will partake in 3-days of 8am-5pm training with a 1-hour lunch on how to use the iPad most efficiently and effectively.  This will allow me to have leverage when it comes to me getting a job as opposed to candidates without the certification in the computer training.  Technology is apparently staying in the schools. I agree all children need it, but the part that really needs to be taught to children is how to be safe on the internet.  Otherwise, I am learning all this stuff so I can be up with the kids on the technology and be able to teach other professionals in the field how to keep up with the technology that is ever changing.

Sometime in late January, I start my 2nd internship or the "official" student teaching semester.  Last semester was also considered "student teaching" but it was more the "unofficial" official kick off of the year of student teaching.  I have met my new mentor and I think she is fabulous.  I look forward to working with the third graders and not looking so much forward to the Teacher's Work Sample (TWS), but there is always a necessary document that you must create in order to prove you have brains and what it takes to teach.  The TWS is equivalent to the thesis I had to prepare for my Master's degree; however, about 10 or so pages less.

Puggums update:
I, George Pooh, will be having surgery tomorrow on removing a growth from my left eyelid (opposite the eye that had the ulcer and that I had surgery on last year at this time), a growth on my left foot, and a dental cleaning. Pray for me as I go under anesthesia and hope to be home with my mamas later that afternoon. 

I, Toby Moses, can only see shadows at this point.  My eyesight is failing me, but the rest of me is working just fine, especially the pee-shooter.  I have high anxiety when my mamas leave me to go somewhere, even if it is only to the basement to fold clothes.  I am not allowed down there due to my pee-shooter and marking behavior as well as the fact I like to eat kitty poo.  I will close with that...

I, Lily Jayne, am still as jelly as ever when it comes to any of my siblings getting attention, but I promise to work on that this year and realize that love is multiplied and not divided.  Argh...sometimes a girl just wants to be an only pug.  Secondly, I have decided that Jaxzyn, who I hope is an official Gawthorp family member by now, is the pug's snort (cat's meow equivalent) in my opinion and I hope he is not already taken up and might consider me...the supreme Princess Pug...as his girlyfuriend.

I, Mimi Roo, must deal with jealous-beans outrageous lack of sharing skills.  Webster my luvs, she steals the treats you sent for me right from under my nose.  Hmph!  Well...I love having time with my mamas without the "beast" known as Lily Jayne "The Train" since she likes to plow into people and make all kinds of ruckus...and by people, I mean both those with and without "paws."  Jaxzyn, if you take a liking to Lily, she has what we all like to call, "Power Paws" that tend to leave dents in the pawrents.  You might want to wear some padding.

Luna and kitty update:  Diet.  Do we hate that word?  All kitty paws have been raised.  Yet...the chubby puggums do not get put on a diet and the humans continue to share table scraps.  Well...I have had enough and I just jump on the table and the push-over, Mama Mindy, shares her viddles with me.  I don't eat a whole lot, but it sure is nice to know that someone in the house doesn't think I am a chub-ette.  Now, Jack on the other hand needs to stop stealing my food in mamas room.  He eats in the basement and meows his head off to get the mamas or the dad to let him up from his cat-cave and he has the audacity to chow on my kibble.  The nerve!  Percy is still a cute man cat and Golden is a streak of lightning in the house.  Mamas hope that she will calm her buns down and allow them to be able to pet her regularly.  Only time will tell!

As we all venture for a nap out on our hill, we wish all our friends and furiends a very Happy and Healthy 2015.  No pictures are being used as mamas computer is done for and she just ordered a new one that will take a few weeks to get in.

Mama Mindy & The Pugs and Purrs


stellaroselong said...

Oh it was sooooo good to hear from you all...it sounds like momma is doing just grand at school and that you all are keeping busy in life and love! We also think jax is the bomb!!!
stella rose, Margaret mae and angus mcconnell

Mr. Pip said...

Great work on school! Sounds like you are well on your way to a wonderful career!

Lots of love to all the furries!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Congratulations to momma. We will have all our feets crossed for Georgie
Lily & Edward

Noodles said...

So much wonderful todoings at the Slimmer ranch! Congrat to Mama Mindy for her continued success in her studies. And an upcoming graduation is always big news. I am donning my JUJU tutu as we speak for sweet Georgie (am I right?) tomorrow.
Love you all

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

POTP fur YOU George Pooh...

Miss Mindy... you will will do BRILLIANTLY in your final classes and Assignment... OHHHHHhhhhhhh 3RD GR... those are FUN Kidlets...

Anonymous said...

Hey nice to hear your review....glad school is going so good.......hehehe, the life of a pug ranch sound like a mad house sometimes!

The Mad Scots

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Good job in all that learning that is going on! We have been cheering you on!
Good to hear from all the pugleys too,, and we will send good wishes for George Pooh- as he has his surgeries!

I am loving wearing the snuggly from Gracie Lynn,, it keeps me warm when I go outside on these cold days.,

Ellen Gawthorp said...

Sounds like your mama has been working hard! We know she will graduate ... with or without a formal ceremony.

Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whiney & Jaxzyn

PS ... Dear Lily Jayne: Will you be my gurlfuriend? I would be honored ... Love, Jaxzyn

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Oh boy, so glad to hear from you all! We'll be purring for George Poo's surgery!
Happy new year to you all!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Keep up the good work with school- that is fantastic!

Millie and Walter said...

Congrats to mom on her school work. It's good to hear how you all are doing.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We love the catch up post! We are proud of you and will celebrate your accomplishment with school whether or not you "walk." Sending our strongest White Dog healing energies to Georgie and Yo wants Toby to know that not seeing with the eyes only opens being able to see better with the heart. So glad everyone is doing so well. We think of you every day.