September 30, 2013

Meet My Mini-Me's Mini-Me

Hi furiends!
Lynne, the mama over at Dip-Dip and The Bridge created my Mimi's mini-me (I call Mimi my "Mini-Me" so its only fitting that Mimi HAVE a mini-me.  Lynne is a fabulous artist and is doing a Saturday sketchbook that you must go view.

Here is the special post saying she had traveled all the way from the UK...and Mini-Mimi all wrapped up waiting for me to unwrap her beauty and design.

Anywho...I will let Mini-Mimi share her adventures on meeting the real Mimi.

Mini-Mimi Here: I am told I am Mimi's Mini-Me of which I must agree.  I am a mini of Miss Mimi; therefore, I am a mini-Mimi. :)

See me from all directions.

Mini-Mimi:  Yep.  That's probably pug or purr fur you saw on my pretty knit coat.  You can tell that some people around here do not clean much...

Mini-Mimi: The lady with the typing hands tells me this is Mimi and her sibs blog.  Since I am Mini-Mimi, then that makes it my blog, too.  Already, I am surfing the blogs.

Mini-Mimi:  Don't me and the Mimsters look alike.  I mean really...we look Fab-O!!

Mini-Mimi: Mimsters had to make sure I was the real-deal Mini-me by giving me the ol' butt sniff...AND I passed...however, not before I got licked and almost devoured.  That Mimi was about to rip the stuffins' out of me.  Thankfully the typist and the non-cleaning lady saved me from my quick demise and has put me safely on a shelf to be admired as I should have been treated in the first place.

To Mimi from Mini-Mimi:  I am glad I was saved from your jaws of destruction, but now I see why Mini-me's are meant for sci-fi television and Miss Lynne's artistry...heaven forbid if you actually had a fur-reals mini clone...

Retiring to a shelf to be admired and to watch my "biggy" from afar,
Mini Mimi


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Aww, that's so cute!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Lovely to see the 2 mini-me's together. Mimi is so adorable, I love the butt sniff photo :)
I thought that was one of our dog hairs on her, Elliot always insists on sitting in my lap when I am crocheting. I was just about to thrash him (only kidding, lol).
So pleased you are happy with her, we will be blogging about your 2 mini's next Monday.
Lynne x

tubby3pug said...

so super cute

urban hounds

stellaroselong said...

I bet you can't say that five times real fast...bahahhaha.
we just loves all the mini's that we have been seeing around here..and mimi she looks just like you,,,,a smaller twin for sure!!!
stella rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD Miss Lynne has OUT DONE HERSELF THIS time... Mini Mimi is FABULOUS.... you look like IDENTICAL TWINS fur SURE.

LOVE that Mini Mimi will stay safe and still be able to watch ALL the funs you have there.

Noodles said...

Aside from size, I simply could not tell you, Mimi from your Mini-Mimi.
Love Noodles

Two French Bulldogs said...

Benny & Lily

Ellen Gawthorp said...

WOW ... there are two of my love! I must be in heaven! I almost couldn't tell the difference except when I look into your eyes and see the love!

XOXOXO ~ Webster

Mollie said...

Its wonderful, you can be really naughty now and blame it on Mini-Me Bawahwhahhwa xxooxx

Mollie and Alfie

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh- Mimi mimi and you are identical- look how cute you are together! So sweet! Same smile- same eyes- yes- twins!

What Remains Now said...

Mimi...your mini me is so adorable! I'm sure you'll have many wonderful adventures together.