May 26, 2013

The Moore, OK Tornado--How YOU can HELP!!

Dear Furends,
       If you would like to HELP the Dogs, Cats, Horses, and other ANIMALS effected by the 5/20/13 TORNADO in Moore, Oklahoma here is WHAT and HOW to do it.     
       Our beloved furends           SUSIE, SHADOW, and SIDEBITE     are spearheading the efforts.     They live less than 20 miles from Moore.   You can Click the link above ↑ to find their Blog...   or go to  to read about them and learn more about the relief help that they have gotten started.      Their DAD's BOSS at the Pro Tire Center is allowing us to use his business Address   and the business CREDIT CARD system to make donating EASY for YOU!

ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED   to "Central Park Dog Care"  which is part of  the "Oklahoma Humane Society" & the "Moore Humane Society"
 PeeS, they already have Dogs and Cats coming in!

We will save all funds until we feel that most donations have been received, then a Company check will be written. We will use a photo of YOU and  your name on a POSTER when we donate the check!
            *****         **************      ********       ********       **********
Once you have made a donation PLEASE go to Susie and Sidebite's BLOG and leave a Comment  giving your permission   for them to take a picture from YOUR blog...   and give them your Blog URL for doing so.      
THEY want YOU to receive the acknowledgement you well deserve.

 If you would like to send CASH or  a CHECK     make it Payable to PRO TIRE CENTER 
    Mail it to :

  Pro Tire Center            

Att: JIM   
10735 N. Rockwell
Oklahoma City, OK    73162 
 Be sure to include the NAME of WHO is making the donation EX... Frankie Furter
          **********            ***********************                *********************************

 If you would like to pay by Credit Card...    

(Correction we take Visa, Master Card, AMX & Discover) Sorry No Pay Pal
      Please send an EMAIL to

  and be SURE to include the following info

in the BODY of the email please include the following:
2.   Your NAME as it appears on the card   PLUS....
                      your ADDRESS     City  State   ZipCode and   COUNTRY    
3.  Name of your Credit Card     (Master Card.. Am. Express...or Discover only)
4.  The AMOUNT $  you wish to donate
5.  Your PHONE NUMBER....  in case there is a problem processing the information
6.  Your Credit Card #    including the   Three Numbers on the BACK...
7.   AND the name of the one(s) making the donation  (ex.    Frankie and Ernie) 
      (NOTE:   your statement will say that a payment was made to  "Pro Tire Center") 


For those that have donated by Credit Card, we will be running them Thursday, as we are waiting on all the check donations to come in. We will be mailing out a receipt to all!
THE NEED there is going to be HUGE.    Please do what you can
      There is NO minimum amount for donation.    Every $ will HELP.     
If you would like to Copy and Paste this onto a post of your OWN   ...  help yourself...     Spread the WORD....   there are animals who are in MAJOR need of OUR Help.    
That is the BLOGVILLE WAY...    WE help .


GOOSE said...

MOM and I just made our donation.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for the information my friends.

Mollie said...

This is just fantastic, everyone pulling together :) xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie