April 18, 2013

HELP!! Cat people come to the rescue!!

Hi furiends!
Jack the cat heres.  As y'alls knows, Isa on a diet.  However, I have lost enough wait that I can jump the baby gate that used to keep me away from others kib-kib.  I share my room with my senior sister, Socks, who will be 16 in May.  Isa only four.  She is on a special tummy kitty food that I like and she used to be able to jump the gate and go to the room across the way to eat her kibble then jump back over.  Now that I have conquered the gate (and raising the height doesn't deter me as the hu-peeps have raised the gate about a foot taller and I still can make it), what else can be done to help me?  There are pugs...who I really don't care on the outside of my room...but my potty is within my room and I do not want my sister to not have a place to potty, but there really isn't anywhere else in the house that the pugs haven't already claimed besides my (dad's) room and the basement (yeah! those kitties I don't like much either...the hu-peeps say I am an old man grouch with them).  No...a kitty litter pan can not be moved to another room for Socks either...if that is what yousa thinkin'...again the pugs have taken over the house...of course, theysa all was here before I was brought in.
What to do! What to do? What to do! What to do?
The man-peep, my daddy, is not going to give up on me...but I REALLY need to lose the weight to be healthy...any ideas?  Daddy is pulling his hair out and driving the mamas in the house crazy to the point that they want to pull their hairs out, too.

Jack Flash


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMC that is a problem fur sure.. Could you put the PAN half IN and Half OUT of the room... ???
Maybe another Gate on TOP of the one there... NO... you would just Climb that. HUMMMMMM can't close the door.. (Pan PROBLEM) ...
OMC THIS is a REAL problem and I can't even think how to help.

Random Felines said...

well.....hmmmmm....wes gonna have to think about that.....

stellaroselong said...

we are sorry to tell you we got confused halfway down in your story and now we are gonna have to go back and read it again, mom says to tell you cos of the big storms last night her brain is real real tired...sorry we are of no help at all!
stella rose

GOOSE said...

That is a problem. I wish I had an answer. Sadly I don't.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Do you and your sister eat all of your food at one time or are you "grazers?" If you eat at one sitting would feeding your senior sis in a large dog crate work? Big enough so she doesn't freak out but so you cannot share her meal...we don't have kitties but just want to throw an idea out there.

Mollie said...

Wow I thought I had'z problem'z..Mollie'z taken over de houze and I waz here furzt. I hope'z someone'z cum'z up wiff an idea xx0xx

Mollie and Alfie

Scout and Freyja said...

Play, play, play!

Dropping by to let you know the Makowsky handbag arrived today. It's great thanks!

chicamom85 said...

Oh no I hope you can find a solution.

Our power has been out, but I finally saw the message about the cool purse my MOmmy won. She went and paid for it but she needs to know if she owes more for shipping and handling.

Our email is Chicamom85(at)comcast(dot)net

Please let us know what we need to do to get this cool purse and thank you.

Loveys Sasha