February 20, 2013

Mystic Molly's Fortune Readings

Hi all our furiends!
In case you missed them, you can read the readings we had at the blogville circus done by Mystic Molly.

Squirrel entrails!
Hmmm more vermin guts. Let me have a good fiddle around and see what is in the gizzards. No real structure in this one. So let me tell you what this means. For you this year is about releasing attachments that have prevented you from moving forward. Like shaking of a persistent flea you will find yourself letting go of the past and with it will come a sense of liberation and freedom. You will find that past limitations will disappear and you will move towards a more fulfilled inner you. Be careful though not to confuse the breaking of shackles with rebellious behaviour. You will find that old pressures that you have felt will be lifted and your life will feel more in control. The fates will intervene feeding your sense of security and stability. There will be times when you will need to slow down and take stock of the changes that are taking place. Overall you have plenty of opportunities to grow and find contentment and peace. This year you will find comfort at home and with family. Planning time spent with family will lead to some fun times and give you pleasant memories to treasure. Group activities are also favoured so you might want to go out with loved ones and find some adventure. Learning some kind of group related sport will bond you closer together. You will feel a strong urge to make room and create more space during the second half of the year. Getting rid of clutter like old unwanted toys marries well with your need to leave past hindrances behind. The second part of the year is also a good one for starting a new project. You will enjoy channeling your energies into this new venture. Maybe you will take on a new sport or learn some new tricks. Whatever you choose the fates will guide you to success. Your year is not one of structure and rigid rules but one of freedom and ebb and flow. Let the tides of the sea lap gently on the shores of life and listen to the sounds that play like music in your ears. The fates are playing a tune full of promising harmonies.

The tarot!
The mystical tarot cards points you in the direction of growth and accomplishment. The swords are arrows pointing in many directions. You will be enjoying pursuing goals this year and you will find that you are getting quite a bit of recognition. A positive attitude towards tasks brings great rewards, as do the expressions of integrity and honesty. Connections that further your goals are made this year, and partnerships and social life are tied to one another. This can mean the forming of partnerships and opportunities and the growth of good prospects. Surprises, promotion and recognition are key areas for you to focus on this year. Your manner is more friendly, likeable, and charming than ever before. Casual relationships mature and become more permanent. You are moving towards a deeper thinking and the desire for depth and maturity in connections to others. The year is good for your social life and the swords point to happiness in the areas of leisure and romance. Past years may have been filled with trials but these are no longer playing a part in your life from now on. The last part of the year focuses less on pleasure and socializing and more on your interaction with your peoples. You need to make time and reassure them that you love them. Time spent together watching TV or listening to music will be enjoyable. You might want to try and train your peoples into performing some new tricks. Whatever you choose the interaction between you and them will help strengthen bonds and bring you even closer together. Love and harmony will surround you. Life will be like a comfy cushion that wants to envelope you in love and sooth your spirit. The soothing balm of the fates are blanketing you in the softness of its’ silky touch.

The tea leaves!
Pip put the kettle on it is time for another cup of tea. Now let me see what the leaves of tea have in store for you. Wow we see a year where obstacles that were in your way are kicked aside. Like a great big boot up the butt they will jump into the ether and disappear. These will be replaced by opportunities and positive challenges. Life will be one big adventure. Suddenly doors are opening up for you. It is like you have been stuck in a dark corridor where all the doors were shut. Suddenly the doors are open and the light of life streams in. The leaves of tea look like stars in the sky twinkling and the cosmos is beckoning you to join them and have fun. Nature though calls you too and asks you to pursue your intellectual side and focus on communication. Nature will share with you its’ spiritual side and communication will manifest itself through art, writing and photography. Your thoughts and dreams will be the focus of much attention. You have the capacity to enchant and tempt others through words. Your audience will be captivated and enthusiastic. You will find your world will broaden and you will make many new friends. So many new experiences are waiting for you. Light touches your life and illuminates your path. You will discover hidden depths that you never knew you had. So a year of great personal development! Take the hands that the cosmos and nature extend to you and let them guide you to the muse. She waits for you to whisper her secrets and tell you of magical things.
Crystal ball!
Now the ball of crystal shines with hues of blue.You feel you have had an identity crisis, of sorts, as you fight your way towards a more structured path in life. You will need to slow yourself down and choose your road wisely. The ball tells me the planets are directly affecting the sectors of your chart that rule how the world views you. This also covers the areas of committed relationships. You are moving away from false paths and relationships that no longer serve you well. Make more time to reassess goals and pay more attention to your inner self. Romance will be on the back burner as you move forward. There are strong energies at work which direct you to new interests, projects, and learning endeavors. You will undertake challenges that lead you to learn new skills or to take on new projects. Do avoid overloading your plate. Your enthusiasm can lead you to take on more than you can reasonably handle at times. The colours blue indicates that the forces of the cosmos are behind you in all that you do this year. They will guide you and help you grow in knowledge and confidence. Financial boosts are likely although spending should be managed well in order for this to last into the long term. Don’t rush off to buy the latest toys or designer outfits. Health and fitness are top priorities throughout the year. Conserve energy for things that truly matter. More day to day contact with friends and family will be pleasurable. Blue is the colour of the sea, so step into the boat of life and let the fates gently sail you to new horizons where the wonders of the cosmos are there for you to see.

The cards!
When we shuffle the cards we see many clubs. Their persistence urges you to draw your attention to information, studies and intellectual preoccupations this year. Also important are communication, trips, and exchange of knowledge. You will find yourself in a favoured and exclusive club where you will flourish. The exchanges of ideas and information will stimulate your mind and feed your hunger for adventure. The cards have something to say, so try to get its message. It is one of mental expansion, and growth. The fates will provide you with chances you would never dare to hope for. These will mean you can make great advances in your knowledge. This is turn will bring you material favours, trips, broader horizons, and a richer fulfilled life. Prudence and moderation are signalled when it comes to diet and health. You will need to watch what you eat and make time in your busy schedule to take plenty of exercise. This year you will enjoy an increasing feeling of hope, optimism, and spiritual protection. Your intuition is heightened to possibly even uncanny levels. You are known for your selflessness and acceptance, so your recent insistence on equality in your relationships may have caused minor problems. Struggles in area are likely to clear and be straightened out. The important people in your life will adjust and accommodate your new needs for self-expression. Prepare your field in advance, hoe and weed it well and you will find that the green shoots of growth will flourish and strengthen this year and you will reap a harvest of plenty.

Wesa hope you enjoyed reading our fortunes done by Mystic Molly for the year 2013. Wesa sure thought they were fun and informative. :)

Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi


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Mystic Molly sure nose what her is doing!

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You were all so FORTUNATE to have had such Fangtastic FORTUNES read by our sweet Mystic Molly. WE loved all of YOURS and Ours too.


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